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Cyclone Type Dust Collectors

Cyclone Type Dust Collectors

Handlair Cyclone type dust collectors use cyclonic action to separate dust particles from the gas stream. In a typical cyclone, the dust / gas stream enters at an angle and is spun rapidly. The centrifugal force created by the circular flow throws the dust particles toward the wall of the cyclone. After striking the wall, these particles fall into a hopper located underneath.

These are often used in a large variety of industries, where , the emission level requirements are not stringent.

These are generally used in Foundries, Metal spraying, grinding, polishing, buffing machines, Pneumatic conveying, Cement Industries, Food Processing, Zinc Spraying, Recycling, Powder coating, Shot blasting, Wood working, Pharmaceuticals, Transfer points, etc. These types of units are also used before bag filter type dust collectors as pre collectors, where, the dust generation is quite high and emission levels are restricted.

The capacity of these units ranges from 300 to 50000 In single as well as in multiple units.

Compact dust collectors - Capacity from 200 cmh to 2000 cmh Compact units with single & multiple cyclones with bags with centrifugal blowers, dust collection bins etc. largely used for in house dust collection applications, such as buffing / grinding machines powder coating exhaust etc.
Large dust collectors - Capacity from 3000 cmh - 50000 cmh Large units for multiple cyclones & dust bins, with blowers installed separately with connected duct work.