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Axial Flow Fan

Axial Flow Fan

Handlair make Axial Flow Fans are used for variety of applications, such as Ventilation systems, General exhaust systems, Fresh air systems, humidification plants, textile mills, Gen set ventilation & sound proofing, Roof extractors, and Man coolers etc. Fan blades are made of alluminium alloy casting and external casings are made of Mild steel or Stainless steel as per customer requirement.

Range & Specification

Capacity - 500 cmh to 175000 cmh Pressure up to 80 mm wg and upto 300 mm wg in two stages.
Aero foil blades for optimum air performance. High efficiency and lower operation costs.
More than 40 sizes Blade combinations of 4,6,7 & 8 with different angles & configurations
Available in 4 standard speeds Belt driven and Bifurcated type fans of special applications.
Optimized model selection to help reduce upfront investment and operation costs. Cast Alluminium Alloy Impellers, Casing available in Mild Steel/ Stainless Steel & Mild Steel with FRP coating.
Applications Mounting Arrangements
Air Cooling/ ventilation Convenient and Flexible Installation
General air supply and exhaust. Base mounted -Horizontally or vertically
Gen set Ventilation Duct mounted -Horizontally or vertically.
Humidification Plants. Wall mounted -Horizontally.
Roof Extractors Ceiling-hung -Horizontally or vertically.
Spot Coolers Roof mounted -Outdoor installation with weather hood .
Tunnel Ventilation & Mining. Pedestal/Colum mounted - Man Coolers / Spot coolers